Set back from the bank of the Chalabrais  –   the smallest of Chalabre’s three rivers  –  is the prettiest half timbered house.   One side is partly linked to the Art Deco Village Library… ( previously the Public Baths of the Village )…. but the house came first…. by centuries…

It was going to be demolished, but then, Batiments de France  – the body that protects ” Heritage ” buildings   –   said, in effect , ” We mustn’t do that – this house dates back to the 13th Century  –  we must look after it “.
So the Village of Chalabre paid to rescue this gem of a building.
The Village has spent more than the price that we are now selling this house for  – and you will be welcome to see the bills …….
The house now has a brand new roof and guttering, all the side and back walls have been replaced and re-suraced,  and all the work was undertaken by one of our most respected  Village Artisans, M.P.Charpente, superb, hugely experienced woodworkers and roofing  specialists, and all works hold a ten year guarantee.
 The Village has also agreed to supply a garden area as part of the asking price.
This is just SUCH an amazing opportunity, a total ” One Off “.. and a brilliant investment….
Starting right at the bottom – there is a cellar……
 Then, at ground floor there are two rooms  – linked –   both full house width – one big, to the front of the house, one smaller to the back of the house, plus the original little storage area – with stone sink still in place , under the stairs.
 On the first floor is one huge room, the entire footprint of the house, semi divided by two curved wooden arches…and with its’ marble fireplace still in place.  There are two, big, window openings at this level, to the rear of the house, and the original window openings to the front……
Up again, to the second floor, and there are currently three rooms – but you could reconfigure this – again with window spaces to the rear of the house as well as to the front.
All the interior spaces need work…….  and you will need to work with Batiment de France to guard the character of the house on the outside…..(.but there may be Grant Aid for some parts of the work  )  …….appropriate windows being required….
This house can be so beautiful, seconds on foot to the Village Centre, or walk over the little iron bridge, then walk along the river banks until you join up with the Voie Verte – what Jennifer, the Co-Founder of this Agency,  used to call ” Rails to Trails “..  Once on the Voie Verte you can walk or cycle for miles…. no vehicles allowed… and wandering though some glorious countryside…fields, vineyards, forests…
Have you ever wanted to change your life ?  I do not think it likely that you will ever see an opportunity like this again….
Do contact us, ask any and all questions, we are here to help – and truly happy to help….
 I live in this village and I love it.. It guards the best of rural living, but also embraces the best of modern technology and benefits…..
  Chalabre has shops, a Doctor, a Pharmacy, La Poste ( with distant views of the Pyrenees ), schools, two excellent Bar/Restaurants,Cafe de La Paix, and the Sports Bar, a wonderful, family run Hotel/ Restaurant ( very serious food ),Hotel de France,  a library, a family run, Carrefour Express, supermarket, an Artisan Brewery, Brasserie de Quercorb, which sends hand made beers all over Europe, (all stamped ” Made in Chalabre ” ), a Farmers’ Market ,every Saturday morning, wonderful,local food and wine, all year round,  in the old Market Square, a superb Bakers, ( whose cakes are a threat to my waistline.) …a specialist cheese and hand made mountain butter, plus fruit and vegetable shop, Primeur, a totally brilliant butchers shop, L’Entrecote , which also sells home made, ready made, dishes,  a separate and wonderful, Charcuterie, ” La Bonne Saucisse “, home made pates,black pudding, jams, jars of honey, home made sausages – and just so much more….and it is all local produce….You haven’t tasted ” fresh ” until you have shopped in Chalabre..( I admit to bias ) and it’s nearly all organic…we are so spoilt here….
Plus  Lac de Montbel, 5 mins away by car .. ( .just to put the icing on the cake )… here’s the link to the Lake :
it’s gorgeous….. as is Chalabre…. Do, please,  Google  “Chalabre, ”  Postcode 11230, Departement de l’Aude, Occitanie, and the surrounding area, good air travel links too via Toulouse, Blagnac or Carcassonne….
We have guessed between 30 and 50 thousand euros – is left to spend  –  depending on how much you can do yourselves  –  And then you can end up with one of the most beautiful properties in Chalabre, in a fabulous location, and with the security of knowing that the most important, difficult and expensive work was all done in advance –  and, best of all, has a 10 year Guarantee on it.  This has been such an ” Act of Faith ” by the Village , and it says a lot about Chalabre’s pride in Chalabre.
  All Chalabre  needs now are the right people to ” finish the job “… and reap the rewards…..
We feel that this is a brilliant price, a wonderful investment, and an amazing opportunity ….. a real ” Happy Ever After ” opportunity, rare beyond belief.
 Come to Chalabre, change your life… take the plunge….