I saw this house first years ago  –  loved it then  –  love it even more now …. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms…..  and well over an acre of land, complete with a swimming pool on the second terrace level….. before you walk up again into your very own wood…..  Add stunnning views to this list, plus off road parking and a garage ….  it truly is the stuff of dreams……
It’s also near  –  but not too near  – to the little market town that has the best market ( on a Friday) for miles around  – it’s where the French community shop  –  need I say more ?  –  seriously excellent…..
WhenI saw the property it was ( and still is ) owned by an utterly delightful couple… I’ll always remember that the husband, who had, occasionally, to travel to UK for work reasons, always took his ” home grown ” eggs with him…. so much nicer than ” bought ” eggs….  The chicken house is still there, so; if you too want some chickens, easily done.  Home grown eggs do, I honestly believe, taste different….. and better….
Their lifestyle made them opt to primarily live on the 1st and 2nd floors of this 3 level house, so there is huge potential to include the ground floor at a higher level of usage than currently.  At the moment it has a bedroom, with a shower corner and seperate WC, a workshop / utility room and a second storage area….. also a garage…. you couldn’t currently fit a seriously big vehicle into it  –  the entrance is too small  –  but you could always make changes….
You approach the property via a parking garden of about 80 sq metres….. bags of space…. and pretty….. then turn to lo look back  at the mountain views bepre you go in …..
If this were an english house I’d probably describe it as ” rambling “, that wonderful generous use of space that always feels ” country ” , “farmhouse’y ” rather than cramped  and squeezed in….. this is an awful lot of house for the price ….. super buy….
Plus, the outside space is amazing…..   well over an acre of land that has been terraced and properly gardened…. swimming pool, vegetable plot, chicken house, your very own wood  –  it’s just gorgeous…..
At first floor there is also a duo of terrace and verandah leading from the living room……and you could easily join the kitchen to the dining room if you feel like a classic country kitchen….;This level also has 2 bedrooms, one with an en suite and the family bathroom…. plus office space…. seriously flexible ….
Country living with everything thought of ….
Up again to second floor via stairs leadig from the dining room on the first floor…. arrive in a corridoor, bedroom and en suite to your right, to your left the large room is currently another bedroom  –  but could be something entirely different if you felt like it –  depending on your lifestyle …..
Joe and I both believe that this is one of the best buys we have seen for ages and ages……very reasonable price indeed, ….. and a home that we believe will be a joy to live in

We both agree that we recommend it totally, a rare and wonderful opportunity….

Property Features

  • Chambre d'Hôtes Option
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Land
  • Pool
  • Views
  • Workshop