Spectacular!  Utterly spectacular!  Set in some of the most beautiful scenery that exists, in an area that majors in stunning views, this is one of the most beautiful properties this agency holds.  Located between Mirepoix and Limoux it is right on the cusp of where the more Mediterranean climate of Limoux – very similar to Tuscany – and the gentler, more wooded, foothill country that surrounds Mirepoix meet.  It benefits from the hotter Limoux climate, but it’s approximately 30+ hectares of land also takes in wooded hills as well a grazing pasture.  Jennifer stopped the car as we looked down the approach drive and the ecstatic realisation dawned that this is one of the properties we have always, always adored from a distance.  We looked across the length of this sumptuous property – trying to work out if the separate house and farm buildings could be part of it – they are – and admiring the balance of the whole – from the square tower to the long run of building stretching from it.  At this point we did not yet know that all the land that surrounds this property belongs to it – we were just lost in the sheer beauty of the view in front of us.

There are some properties – not many – that are utterly heart lifting, where a perfect balance is achieved between beauty and function.  Jennifer and I both feel that this is a stunning example.   Renovated by four friends, the main Domaine building has been divided into 4 separate houses – 3 of them with 2 bedrooms and 1 of them with 4 bedrooms.  The guiding light for this inspired design is an ex artist turned architect whose brilliant use of space and ability to combine old materials with every modern comfort filled us with admiration.  Each house can be linked with the others, and there is the possibility to add a fifth to this building by completing the Tower transformation.  The top of the Tower is open on all four sides, big enough to hold a serious party in and with views in all directions that take your breath away.  On a practical note the materials for the renovation are on site and thus it could easily provide another 2 bedroomed unit.  Last, but not least, is the currently renovated “5th” house, which has two bedrooms, two shower rooms and sits close to the stables, wonderfully tucked into the landscape.  A generous terrace and barbeque area complete the ensemble.

All the houses have seriously generous rooms, all bedrooms are served by their own shower or bathrooms, all the kitchens are seriously well equipped and all the materials used are top quality.  Each house has points of similarity yet each has its own particular character as the attention to detail is incredible.  Each house is flooded with light and the views from each have to be seen to be believed – there is not an ugly view in any direction.  The interior decoration is sophisticated country chic – clean lines – yet with large arched windows giving a chateau feel to the rear facade and curves and exposed stone walls maintaining the country heritage of this incredible property.  Many floors are made of chestnut – most people would have used pine – but the chestnut gives a warmth and depth of colour that cannot be replicated, and where tiles are more practical – kitchens and bathrooms – they have been sourced from Italy and chosen to assure hard wear capacity as well as beauty.  

To the exterior of the rear facade, green ” walls ” have been planted between the houses giving each a private terrace spilling down to the pastures below and to the intimate terrace that houses the swimming pool looking out over the Pyrenees.  A little path leads to the separate house and the farm buildings – currently home to 14 very happy horses.  The horses benefit from grazing land that has woods as its boundaries, there is water on the land and the woods give the horses shade in the height of summer. There are paddocks nearer to the main building where you could keep horses or other animals that you want to have close at hand.  It is a paradise for animals as well as for people.

The property has a proven income stream as the four friends who own it have chosen to generate an income stream level that offsets running costs.  Clearly this could be expanded and / or maximised.  The land around the main building is ideal for corporate or private hospitality – the circular drive and adjacent land being close enough either to provide major parking or to serve as a statement entrance for weddings or other festivities.  Equally, you could  continue the pattern the current owners favour – providing income for running costs and running rental income in a low key way.

We admit to not having walked over all the land – but are intending to return, possibly with a picnic, to have a glorious day looking at the mountain views, taking to the woods if the walk and the sun entice us to take a little break.  One of the current owners showed us around – we have often said that properties reflect their owners – certainly true in this case – she could not have been more charming or more welcoming. For a very large property it carries a warmth and a welcome that really makes you not want to leave.  We eventually dragged ourselves away – unwillingly it must be said – and drove up the drive sitting very quietly, lost in admiration for the labour of love that has produced such a stunning ensemble.  If you are looking for a life change, an excellent business opportunity or simply a wonderful new home, do consider this property – we both adore it and cannot fault it, either in location or in the achievement of a dream. It truly is spectacular.   

 DPE en cours   * Agency Fees Included   ** Taxe foncière €3587

Property Features

  • Chambre d'Hôtes Option
  • Equestrian Potential
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Gîte
  • Land
  • Outbuildings
  • Pool
  • Terrace
  • Views
  • Workshop