This is truly, really, really truly a total little gem!  I said to Jennifer  ” IF I hadn’t just moved and IF I didn’t totally and utterly adore my house ( I’m never going to move again ) – I would buy this one “…  it is just that wonderful!  We lost our hearts to the courtyard garden at ground floor – part sun, part shade… then gasped as one when we saw the huge terrace at first floor – full sun and flooding the living space with light.  We were already completely smitten by the location… end house in a quiet road… more of a lane really except that it is properly paved…  by a little burbling river that has never been known to flood in living memory ( we asked as we have had more rain in the last year than we have ever had in 60 years )  conveniently next to the Pont so you can nip into the village – about a minute on foot – for your morning croissants.

When we arrived, we stepped down into the first living room – the house is made of stone and dates back to the 1600’s with hugely thick walls – hence cool in summer and acting like a giant storage heater in winter – and couldn’t help but head straight for the adorable courtyard garden.  Big enough to provide enough plants for lovely summer color!  Inside the owners have left exposed the big old beams in the living room and have lovingly updated the rest.  The owner is only selling as she has finished her barn conversion for a growing family.  Her new house is just up the road – and as  ” locals ” we know that this is one of the friendliest bits of a friendly village.  ( Note – we do think you can only be a real local after about 30 years – but we are both working on it )
It’s the best of both worlds, wonderful rural feel with views to the forested hills beyond from the first floor terrace but just so close to the village centre…and all the time the restful sound of the little river burbling away as it bustles off to join the “grown up ”  river the l’Hers.  It is a  clean river too, small trout in it, wild flowers on the bank along with some escapees of cultivated flowers from the gardens that surround it.  To the side of the house it is technically communal land as it leads to the steps down to the river bank – but the current owner has had a bench there for years and has planted the little triangular side garden because the view to the chateau from here is enchanting.
Up to first floor you find the built in kitchen to the front of the building then another big living space leading to the terrace.  With the light filled open space and the terrace calling we imagine that this is where the owner spent most of her time … and it is practical too with a toilet at this level as well.  Up again are two generous bedrooms plus generous shower room and toilet… generous enough to hold a bath if you so desire to add one. Finally, there is additional space at loft level where you could pop in another bedroom / bathroom.  Oh yes… forgot to mention the mountain views from the upper floors at the back of the house….sublime!
When you see the price, we promise you it is not a misprint or a computer error  – you really can utterly have the dream for this price.  Estate agents, professionally, really shouldn’t fall in love with houses… but with this one we couldn’t help it.  It’s utterly scrumptious, either as a perfect holiday home that you will never want to leave, or a full time home where waking up each morning is going to be a joy.  We seriously recommend you visit this little gem – we only ask that you sometimes invite us round for coffee so that we can agree what an excellent decision you have made.

Property Features

  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Views