It’s A Dog’s Life Here…

Jennifer and I have  both always adored dogs…  Jennifer and Vinx owned a HUGE dog, Corbett, a Great Dane …. he was black with a white 5 pointed star on his chest…she had me in fits of giggles when she told me how she used to plan her walks ….. ALWAYS near trees – ” No” it’s not why you think …  Jennifer is slim and I’m sure that Corbett out weighed her by at least double …she needed trees to wrap his lead around if another dog appeared !!  Jennifer is one resourceful lady !!  I only wish I could do cartoons – a picture really springs to mind …. Jennifer one side of the tree  –   great big Corbett the other side … Corbett is no longer alive sadly, so Jennifer is “Auntie ” to my two dogs – Quintus and Caenis ….


My two are Pyrénéean Mastiffs, also known as Pyrénéean Mountain Dogs, another BIG breed…..  and part of the scenery here… Great Pyrs have been guarding sheep in this region for about five THOUSAND years … they’re big, and also hugely brave …. they guard the sheep against wolves, bears and anyone or anything that could be a threat to their flock…  the puppies are put in with the sheep at a very early age and grow up convinced that they have to look after them…they’re  so adorable when they are babies – just like cuddly toys – and  they soon grow to be 154 plus pounds …. that’s over 10 stone of dog ….



They guard the sheep to this day – the old ways of leaving the dogs and the sheep on the high pastures over the depths of winter, finding their own food has now mostly ended… but, if you are walking or biking in the hills you will still see them – the lead dog on guard, the others in the pack hidden in with the sheep …  they don’t notice as the dogs are pure white…with black noses and eyes that are black rimmed as though they had all put on eyeliner !  Sometimes they have darker ears … such glamorous dogs, and, in a home situation the most affectionate and cuddly dogs you can imagine…  it’s no wonder that they were the Royal Dogs of France under one of the Louis’s….


We live in a farming area, sunflowers, cows, sheep, some maize – but mostly as an animal feed – and the walking is just so good and so easy that not to have a dog would be unthinkable!  In the Spring and Summer getting up early, going out just as the sun rises, walking out of the village along the river bank then, by a network of tiny tracks, up into the hills… listening to the birds, smelling the fresh leafy air, stopping to look at the wildflowers … the two big white dogs tracking along beside me – it’s bliss !!!  Years ago I lived and worked in London – nothing against London – but walking a dog in a city is seriously NOT as good as being able to walk for miles here…..



All the seasons here are dog friendly… in the height of summer my two doze in the shade , or stand knee deep in the river…watching the trout rise…  In Winter the dogs are in their element – the moment they find snow they play – leaping, bounding around, snow ploughing through it – sticking their noses into any deep bits until their black noses are covered in white snow …  dog bliss !!!  Then home to snore in front of the wood fire – burning oak or sweet smelling apple logs …..

It’s a dogs’ life here !!!  Come visit us and see our beautiful selection of properties… HERE



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